How to succeed

We want you to succeed at online collaboration. That's why we work with experts – both inside and outside Central Desktop – to create informative, free content. Enjoy!

Why collaborate

What's social collaboration? Who benefits? How does it apply to business? How do you measure success?

  • The future of the workplace: How to break free of the status quo

    The future of the workplace: How to break free of the status quo

    Buried in email and drowning in data? Butting heads with coworkers? Feeling stifled in a cubicle? We have an escape route. The action plan in these pages can help lead to increased profit and productivity, higher job satisfaction and better relationships with colleagues and clients.

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  • The future of the workplace: Why your job will never be the same

    The future of the workplace: Why your job will never be the same

    Change is coming to your workplace. Whether you’re in the C-suite or working from your couch, your role is evolving. Lines between departments are blurring. And as social and collaboration tools assert their importance, teams scramble to answer, "Who owns all of this?"

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  • The future of the workplace: Why you need to change the way you work

    The future of the workplace: Why you need to change the way you work

    Change or die. That powerful reminder is driving our new series of ebooks on the future of the workplace. We separated our first ebook into three editions: agencies, marketers and enterprise.

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  • State of Agency-Client Collaboration Report

    State of agency-client collaboration

    We surveyed more than 500 marketers and agency folks about their biggest challenges in working together. This in-depth report of our findings reveals that 40 percent of creative agencies lose business because they lack collaboration tools.

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  • Eight Wonders of the Collaboration World

    The Eight Wonders of the Collaboration World

    Paul Conley, B2B journalist
    When people collaborate, the results can be magical. This paper highlights eight of the world's most interesting collaboration projects. Searching for life on other planets. Digitizing books. Improving voice recognition. Singing for a cause. And more.

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  • State of Agency-Client Collaboration Infographic

    Infographic: state of agency-client collaboration

    This visual snapshot of our 2012 survey reveals the headaches agencies and clients face when they work together. See why 40 percent of creative agencies lose business because they lack collaboration tools.

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  • 10 metrics for measuring ROI of collaboration

    10 metrics for measuring ROI of collaboration

    Paul Conley, B2B journalist
    Has someone asked you to calculate the ROI of your collaboration platform? How exactly do you measure something that is so central to your business? Learn 10 ways, from increased speed to better customer engagement.

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  • State of Social Collaboration infographic

    State of social collaboration

    Social collaboration is not new. Trace its history from 1970, when email was invented, all the way to the launch of Salesforce Chatter. See which types of collaboration are most popular today. And why IDC forecasts 38 percent growth for social business software through 2014.

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  • The True Cost of SharePoint Toolkit

    The true cost of SharePoint

    SharePoint is arguably the most established enterprise-collaboration tool. But many customers realize, too late, that their upfront investment is only a fraction of what they really pay for the solution. Assess the complete financial and resource costs of a SharePoint deployment with this toolkit.

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  • Social Collaboration: Beyond the Buzz

    Social collaboration: beyond the buzz

    Isaac Garcia, Central Desktop CEO
    This webinar unravels the mystery of social collaboration, explaining what it means at its core and how organizations have successfully applied social collaboration to their businesses.

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  • Can Your Company Survive Without Connectedness?

    Can your company survive without connectedness?

    Oscar Berg, Tieto
    Why is the social enterprise not the reality for most organizations? What’s holding you back? Learn how to drive organizational connectedness – from the bottom up or the top down.

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  • Structured vs. Emergent Collaboration - Part I

    Structured vs. emergent collaboration - part I

    Larry Hawes, Dow Brook Advisory Services
    This complimentary brief describes two extreme styles of collaboration – structured and emergent. Structured collaboration happens when a manager assigns work to a team. Emergent collaboration takes place when an employee posts a call for help.

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  • Structured vs. Emergent Collaboration - Part II

    Structured vs. emergent collaboration - part II

    Larry Hawes, Dow Brook Advisory Services
    Part two explains when to use the structured and emergent collaboration styles. Structured is best for standardized work processes, while emergent lends itself to short-term projects. Most businesses require a blended approach, as depicted in a case study.

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  • How to Improve Relationships with External Collaboration

    How to improve relationships with external collaboration

    Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
    How can you make external interactions more effective while providing better service to your clients? Learn how to leverage collaboration tools to improve productivity, deliver cost savings and foster continued client growth.

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  • Successful Strategies for Internal Collaboration

    Successful strategies for internal collaboration

    Isaac Garcia & David Coleman
    Most people think only large enterprises need to collaborate internally, but SMBs share some of the same collaboration issues. Learn best practices for supporting remote teams and how to pick the right tools to support profitable collaboration.

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  • Effective, Confidential Collaboration with Third Parties

    Effective, confidential collaboration with third parties

    Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
    If your business handles confidential business data on a regular basis, learn how to securely share data and communicate with your team.

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How people work

What makes users tick? Why does collaboration succeed or fail? How do you get people to participate when they dig their heels in?

  • 9 types of collaborators benchmark report

    9 types of collaborators benchmark report

    Download this report for a snapshot look at each of the 9 types of collaborators, results from more than 10,000 quiz-takers, comparison of all quiz-takers vs Central Desktop, changes from 2012 to 2013, and grouping strategies for working with your collaborators.

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  • The 9 types of famous collaborators infographic

    The 9 types of collaborators: famous edition

    Do you work with a Dexter or a Walter White? Learn how to find out in this new twist on our classic infographic.

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  • Chess Media Group research study: The future of work 2013

    Chess Media Group research study: The future of work 2013

    Did you know that 86% of workers believe they would be less effective at work without access to social and collaboration technologies? Chess Media Group conducted a global research study in May 2013, surveying over 600 employees on the workplace of the future.

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  • Quiz - Would you survive a zombie apocalypse with only colleagues as allies?

    Would you survive a zombie apocalypse with only colleagues as allies?

    Find out how your ability to collaborate affects your chances for survival in a zombie apocalypse with only your coworkers for support. Good luck!

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  • The 9 Types of Collaborators infographic

    The 9 types of collaborators

    When you start collaborating in the workplace, you run into some pretty interesting characters. The Stealth Ninja, who peeks at everyone's files. The Dinosaur, who would rather stick to email. The Socialite who updates her status 15 times per day. Recognize yourself? Or your co-workers?

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  • The Usual Clients infographic - Central Desktop

    The Usual Clients infographic

    Are outlaw clients kicking up dust at your agency? Don't let The Intruder, The Henchman or Two Face get the jump on you. Learn how to spot eight types of agency clients. Then implement strategies to put their antics on permanent lockdown.

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  • Collaboration Defender - making of a superhero

    Collaboration Defender: making of a superhero

    Some superheroes are born, others are made. Witness the making of our Collaboration Defender as he overcomes collaboration setbacks ... set to the serenade of a cheery cockroach.

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  • Why Winging It Isn’t a Strategy

    Why winging it isn’t a strategy

    Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
    Can you be successful without a plan for rolling out your collaboration initiative to users? Maybe. But it's going to cost more and take longer, and there's no guarantee your users will fully embrace it in the long run.

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  • Collaboration Defender - outside the box

    Collaboration Defender: outside the box

    Alex keeps her most important documents in a box, blissfully unaware that she's courting disaster. Collaboration Defender springs into action, because you just can't collaborate in a box.

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  • Collaboration Defender - a file in distress

    Collaboration Defender: a file in distress

    There is no damsel more distressed than a woman who just lost an important file. Armed with version control, an audit trail, comment threads and a 100% wool deflection cape, Collaboration Defender swoops in to save the day.

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  • Collaboration Defender - collabohaters

    Collaboration Defender: collabohaters

    The normally mild-mannered Collaboration Defender is forced to take a stand when he crosses the path of his archenemies, the villainous, slacker Collabohaters.

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  • In the cloud - creative services

    In the cloud - creative services

    Steve Wilson
    Longtime creative director Steve Wilson, who has worked on campaigns for Toyota and Target, describes the creative process and the handoff between account services and creative services. Expect high-flying hijinks in this five-minute video.

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  • In the cloud - account services

    In the cloud - account services

    Scott Steer
    How do account-services teams really work? We interview advertising-industry veteran Scott Steer. Expect great insights, comical bobbleheads and a strategically placed fig leaf in this 5:33 video.

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  • Quiz - What type of collaborator are you?

    What type of collaborator are you?

    Are you the Executive? The Socialite? Or could you be the Dinosaur? Take this short quiz to find out!

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  • The 9 Types of Collaborators webinar

    Meet the 9 types of collaborators

    Isaac Garcia, Jenn DePauw & Alan Bush
    Meet the 9 Types of Collaborators – and learn real-life strategies for dealing with each one. Our panel describes each personality type in detail. What makes them tick, how they help or hurt collaboration, and how to win them over.

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  • Stop Pushing, Get Your Team to Pull

    Stop pushing, get your team to pull!

    Dan Keldsen, Information Architected
    Most collaboration deployments rely on luck, or a hope that buying the best will make for success. Unfortunately, that strategy won’t get you far. Learn how to design your implementation to solve actual business problems and to expedite daily work.

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  • Collaboration Rollout Planner

    Collaboration rollout planner

    A successful implementation begins with a solid rollout strategy. The Central Desktop Client Services team rolled out a Training Configurator to make it easier to find the resources you need related to specific work processes.

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  • User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools

    User adoption strategies for collaboration tools

    Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
    Learn how you can maximize your use of Central Desktop and see higher ROI by making stronger, more effective decisions about your company's user adoption strategies.

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  • 9 Collaborators Webisode 1 : Dinosaurs Walk Among Us

    9 collaborators webisode: Dinosaurs walk among us

    We thought it’d be fun to introduce you to the real-life versions of the nine types of collaborators. Meet Kevin, our resident Central Desktop dinosaur.

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Stay in the know

What's new at Central Desktop ? What's hot in the collaboration industry?

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    Nov 2014
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    Collaboration lessons from scary movies

    Oct 2014
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    Proud of your ability to multitask? Don't be.

    Sep 2014
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    Collaboration lessons from game shows

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