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Central Desktop® for Marketing is the first online-collaboration platform built specifically for marketers. It helps you work together better with all the cooks in your creative kitchen and all the worker bees buzzing around your creative hive.

A better way to communicate with clients
With Central Desktop extranets, Brand Manager Bobbi can request new projects, and Account Exec Andy can post creative deliverables. They can both ask questions and offer feedback, and their comments are centralized and saved for future reference. They can share project status reports – and their computer screens, too. Bobbi hearts Andy. Andy's boss hearts Andy, too.

A better way to share media files
Production Manager Paul needs his digital-agency partner to turn a print ad into an online leaderboard. Three minutes after he sends the Central Desktop file link, Paul catches a mistake. He checks out the file, fixes the problem and checks in the new version. Paul's correction isn't lost in a string of emails. The digital agency has immediate access to the latest and greatest file. Whew!

A better way to filter feedback
Art Director Armando is working on a new TV spot. Four agency people need to sign off before it even goes to the client, then there's another flurry of changes after the client reviews. Central Desktop makes sense of everyone's two cents in one electronic proof, along with a summary of who's ignored, reviewed and approved the creative.

A better way to share inspiration
The walls of your agency are covered with images that set the tone for your upcoming campaigns. So it's a shame that Freelancer Fred and Remote Rachel never get to see them. Until now, that is. Central Desktop is the first cloud-collaboration solution with online moodboards, so Fred, Rachel and everyone else can pin, share and discuss pictures in private.

A better way to capture what you know
Junior Account Exec Jane is joining the team, and Senior Account Supervisor Sara is leaving. Thanks to Central Desktop, Jane can see what Sara presented in the past, view RSS feeds related to the account and read through past discussions. Jane goes from junior to senior in less time, and the client is less concerned about Sara's departure.

A better way to respond to fire drills
Oh, snap! The client needs more than they said they needed, and by the way, they need it earlier, too. With Central Desktop, everyone can hop to it faster. Built-in workflow assigns tasks, notifies staff and routes files to various approvers. What Studio Manager Steve used to do via email, he now does automagically. And he knows at a glance where everything stands.

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