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Sure, Central Desktop® lets you share files. But that's just the first step. The second, third and sometimes 515th step is getting all the stakeholders to provide input, revise what's there and sign off on a final version. That process is never easy, but Central Desktop makes it a heck of a lot easier.

Central Desktop file-sharing features

  • Workspace-level centralization: Only authorized members of a workspace can access and edit files, so you can protect sensitive documents from prying eyes. In addition, because you can store all files related to a particular topic or team in a workspace dedicated to that same purpose, it's easier for everyone to find the documents they need.

  • Storage: Generous storage allowances mean you can house all types of files in Central Desktop ndash; without running out of space.

  • File sharing: No more FTPing and no more logging in to "just share files" sites. Your entire team can get to the files they need – no matter how large.

  • File links: You can email file links to anyone you choose – whether the person is a Central Desktop user or not. You can also set the link to expire on a certain date and receive an email notification when the recipient clicks.

  • Images: Users can easily upload images and embed them into specific pages – even if they don't know HTML. In a few clicks, they can also create image galleries.

  • Videos: Central Desktop allows users to upload – and play – video files from within the application.

  • Web folders (WebDAV): Users can manage Central Desktop files and folders in the same way they're accustomed to managing files and folders on their hard drives. WebDAV maps Central Desktop files and folders to a specific network drive on the user's desktop, such as the Z: drive.

  • Shared folders: give different teams access to the same documents without uploading content to multiple workspaces. Create one folder and share it across all relevant workspaces.

Central Desktop document-management features

  • Online proofing and creative approvals: Electronically mark up proofs and rough cuts of any file type, including PDF, Word, Adobe, PowerPoint, JPEG, MPG, AVI, MOV and SWF. Built-in approval workflow tracks when all reviewers looked at a file and what changes they requested.
    Central Desktop Review+Approve is available with Central Desktop for Marketing.

  • Online documents: Create content right inside of Central Desktop – no third-party software required. Everyone always has the latest draft, and audit logs let you see who changed what and restore previous versions.

  • Document check-in/check-out: Know at all times who has a document open for editing, so you don't risk overwriting each other's changes.

  • Version control: See who made changes to a document and restore a previous version with a single click.

  • Audit log: No more guessing if someone has looked at a file. See a list of everyone who has reviewed the document, along with their respective timestamps.

  • Comments: Now everyone can discuss files, and everyone's input is in one easy-to-follow thread that's married to the related content.

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