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Professors, researchers and student organizations are just a few of the groups on campus that rely heavily on collaboration.

It's one thing to email a one-page document for your colleague to review, and another to try emailing him your 200-page book as an attachment. (Good luck.) Or try emailing the 100 students on the homecoming committee about the sudden change to next month's priorities. You'll be sorting through replies for days.

Central Desktop® is a better way for campus groups and departments to collaborate. Sharing files, making announcements and organizing events are fast and easy.

Put all your files in one place with anytime, anywhere access

Use Central Desktop to store research, presentations, meetings notes, budgets, lesson plans and more. Everything is safely in the cloud, which means you have access to all your files whether on campus, at home or somewhere in between. Work with colleagues on any file without stepping on each other. Should you ever make a mistake and overwrite a file, your work isn't lost. Central Desktop keeps a complete history of all previous versions.

Manage your classroom more efficiently

Post lesson plans, exam schedules, project requirements, grading parameters and more in a central location. Have students submit papers to a private folder or workspace that only you can access, so all materials are stored in a single location rather than being relegated to an overfull email inbox.

Get students working better together on class projects

Central Desktop makes it possible for student teams to work together on projects even when schedules don't align. And because there's a full audit trail of all activity, professors can clearly see who is contributing and who is conspicuously absent. Sorry, slackers ... there's nowhere to hide.

Plan events and manage projects without batting an eye

Whether you're masterminding an extensive research study or organizing the party of the year, Central Desktop helps you manage and keep track of the details that make the difference between good and great in your work. Brainstorm ideas and solicit feedback through discussion threads, wikis and comments. Task lists, milestones and reminders keep everyone on track and accountable for action items.

Put technology to work for you

Central Desktop is flexible enough to help you work the way you want to. Researchers use Central Desktop to publish books. Student organizations use Central Desktop to publish magazines and newspapers. Departments use Central Desktop to organize school events and exhibitions. The possibilities are endless.

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