Email vs. Online Collaboration

Imagine having to pull together an RFP

Not sure if online collaboration can make a difference in your workday? Let's look at a real-life scenario.

Imagine your company suddenly and unexpectedly receives a request for proposal. It's lucrative. It's due in 72 hours. And your boss just put you in charge of pulling the document together. Lucky you.

You've got a tiny window of time to clarify what Sales Rep Susan wants to pitch, to confirm with Product Expert Paul that it's possible to meet requirement 12.2.5, to beg Graphic Designer Garth for a last-minute diagram and to get two different executives to sign off on the final deliverable.

And you're trying to do all this through your company's default collaboration medium - email.


The struggles with email collaboration

  • The deluge: Dozens of emails from various team members, most featuring identical subject lines that make it difficult to weed out crucial responses from irrelevant ones, especially when conversations fork into multiple threads.
  • Poor version control: Just when you think the document is final, you find out two different people made extensive edits... to yesterday's file.
  • Lack of transparency: It's hard to track which pieces of information are still missing and where approvals stand.
  • Limited reuse: The RFP's final resting place is the salesperson's laptop, never to be shared again unless you specifically remember that Sam Salesman proposed something similar last year.

How online collaboration helps you

  • Streamlined communication: Instead of endless email, team members can participate in discussion threads that efficiently summarize where various facets of the RFP stand.
  • Document management: Everyone has access to the latest draft, and you can check the proposal document out of the system like a library book while you're working on your piece.
  • Project management: You can assign tasks to the team and easily track who's done what.
  • Searchable files: You can tag files to make them easy to find later. This means you can quickly locate that RFP from six months ago the next time a similar one hits your desk.

Which would you prefer?

We already know the answer. Not email. That's why we built Central Desktop® to help your team work better together on all of its teamwork-heavy processes ... from artwork approvals to zillions of tasks.

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