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Central Desktop® for Teams + Departments is a better way to connect. Connect employees across office buildings, home offices, continents and time zones. Connect cross-departmental teams. Connect road warriors with the corporate office. Connect because it adds up to competitive advantage.

Always get to the latest documents
No more emailing files to yourself. No more version confusion from four different people working on the business plan at the same time. No more sifting through your inbox to try to locate a contract or RFP from eight months ago. You always have access to the latest versions of your files, you can tell when others are editing them, and they're easy to find.

Know exactly what's getting done – and what isn't
Ever make an urgent request, and all you hear back is dead silence? Central Desktop solves the mystery of the missing request. If the person hasn't even bothered to look at it, you can tell. If it's a work in progress, you can tell. If it's part of a larger project, you can see if everything's still on schedule or falling apart. And knowing is half the battle, right?

Cozy up to your overseas teams
Los Angeles, New York, London and Mumbai can all peek over each other's metaphorical shoulders, because they're looking at the same files and seeing everyone's input in one central place. Status updates and profile pages turn distant coworkers into real people with faces and hobbies.

Make the machines do the work for you
You don't need to be a geek (or bribe a geek) to make the computer handle some of your ongoing to-dos. Central Desktop transforms you into a nongeek do-it-yourselfer who can do amazing things, like set up online work orders that automatically assign tasks to your team. Or databases that track inventory, so you can retire that spreadsheet that keeps you up at night.

Actually use your collaboration platform for business
Does your company have an IT-intensive collaboration platform that you barely use? You're not alone. It's hard to work with something that requires IT assistance for every little thing, like adding a new user, updating a field or setting up a new project. Because Central Desktop puts the power in business users' hands, business users actually use it. For real work. What a concept.

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