Central Desktop Feature List

Here's a feature rundown for all you techie types

What can you do with Central Desktop®? More than you think you can. We pride ourselves on being feature-rich.

Connect your people, content and customers

  • Workspaces: set up and customize private online communities for each department, project, client or need.
  • People: control what individual users can do and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Files: give everyone real-time access to the latest and greatest version of all types of files – from Word docs to videos, from pictures to PDFs.
  • Social collaboration: pull your teams together with familiar, friendly social-media functionality.
  • Search: quickly locate the files and workspaces you need.

Work together like never before possible

  • Document management and creative approvals: know who's working on what, who's changed what and who's reviewed what ... without 10 different versions of the same file floating around your office.
  • Project management: know exactly where your projects stand, manage resources and keep things moving forward.
  • Cloud collaboration and mobile: access your files and communicate with your team, anytime and anywhere.
  • Online databases: set up databases and online forms for business processes, such as work orders, creative briefs, contact management and inventory tracking.
  • Workflow: speed up routine business processes by automatically assigning tasks, sending email alerts and more.
  • Reports: get companywide and workspace-specific summaries of your team's productivity and engagement.
  • Online calendars and web meetings: set up group events and launch web meetings instantly.

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WD-40 saves time with Central Desktop's online document management solution. MLB Advanced Media improves organization with Central Desktop workflows.
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