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Having a collaboration platform is one thing. Getting users to embrace it is another. Learn user-adoption strategies that work.

9 types of collaborators benchmark report

9 types of collaborators benchmark report

Download this report for a snapshot look at each of the 9 types of collaborators, results from more than 10,000 quiz-takers, comparison of all quiz-takers vs Central Desktop, changes from 2012 to 2013, and grouping strategies for working with your collaborators.

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The 9 Types of Collabohaters infographic

The 9 types of collabohators

Smarter collaboration is a key to the future of work, but not everyone enjoys cooperation. Occasionally, you will run into a colleague who would rather scheme and obstruct than dream and construct. Left unchecked, these me-firsters will waste your time, wreck your morale and test your sanity. Prepare yourself for the 9 collabohaters!

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Quiz - Would you survive a zombie apocalypse with only colleagues as allies?

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse with only colleagues as allies?

Find out how your ability to collaborate affects your chances for survival in a zombie apocalypse with only your coworkers for support. Good luck!

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The 9 Types of Collaborators infographic

The 9 types of collaborators

When you start collaborating in the workplace, you run into some pretty interesting characters. The Stealth Ninja, who peeks at everyone's files. The Dinosaur, who would rather stick to email. The Socialite who updates her status 15 times per day. Recognize yourself? Or your co-workers?

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Why Winging It Isn’t a Strategy

Why winging it isn’t a strategy

Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
Can you be successful without a plan for rolling out your collaboration initiative to users? Maybe. But it's going to cost more and take longer, and there's no guarantee your users will fully embrace it in the long run.

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In the cloud - creative services

In the cloud - creative services

Steve Wilson
Longtime creative director Steve Wilson, who has worked on campaigns for Toyota and Target, describes the creative process and the handoff between account services and creative services. Expect high-flying hijinks in this five-minute video.

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The 9 Types of Collaborators webinar

Meet the 9 types of collaborators

Isaac Garcia, Jenn DePauw & Alan Bush
Meet the 9 Types of Collaborators – and learn real-life strategies for dealing with each one. Our panel describes each personality type in detail. What makes them tick, how they help or hurt collaboration, and how to win them over.

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Stop Pushing, Get Your Team to Pull

Stop pushing, get your team to pull!

Dan Keldsen, Information Architected
Most collaboration deployments rely on luck, or a hope that buying the best will make for success. Unfortunately, that strategy won’t get you far. Learn how to design your implementation to solve actual business problems and to expedite daily work.

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Collaboration Rollout Planner

Collaboration rollout planner

A successful implementation begins with a solid rollout strategy. The Central Desktop Client Services team rolled out a Training Configurator to make it easier to find the resources you need related to specific work processes.

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User Adoption Strategies for Collaboration Tools

User adoption strategies for collaboration tools

Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
Learn how you can maximize your use of Central Desktop and see higher ROI by making stronger, more effective decisions about your company's user adoption strategies.

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9 Collaborators Webisode 1 : Dinosaurs Walk Among Us

9 collaborators webisode: Dinosaurs walk among us

We thought it’d be fun to introduce you to the real-life versions of the nine types of collaborators. Meet Kevin, our resident Central Desktop dinosaur.

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