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A custom-made collaboration solution for marketers

How are other marketers using Central Desktop? To manage campaigns, to eliminate project inefficiencies, to revolutionize the once-tedious proofing process, to centralize documents and email chains, to better connect with agencies or vendors, and to empower their employees to work together like never before, regardless of physical proximity to one another.

Become collaboration ninjas
Whether you need feedback internally or externally, Central Desktop makes it easy to share your creative assets, media files and day-to-day documentation. Stakeholders can review and approve files right within SocialBridge, and you never have to worry about 12 people having 12 different versions of the same document stored locally. Audit logs will even tell you when your files have been accessed by your collaborators, so you can time your follow-up pestering accordingly. Not only will your own team love working in Central Desktop, but your agencies, vendors and other external partners will feel the same way.

Think outside the inbox
Email alone just doesn't cut it anymore. With Central Desktop, you never have to worry about an AWOL email thread, a missing attachment or irrelevant inbox clutter. You never have to email yourself a document when you want to work away from the office. Everything is kept for you in the cloud, safe and secure: ready when you need it, out of sight when you don't.

Own your knowledge - and your assets - permanently
Capture the collective expertise of your team - about projects, campaigns, industries and more - in a single location the entire organization can contribute to. With so many resources neatly archived in the cloud, new hires will be brought up to speed faster than ever, while you'll mitigate the loss of knowledge and background that comes when people depart. And with agencies and other vendors storing creative files in your workspaces instead of their servers, you will always be in control of your assets.

Harness the hive mind
Central Desktop provides fertile ground for cross-pollination between departments. You never know where your next great marketing idea will come from. In the meantime, the transparency and sheer ease of social collaboration will help all your users feel more connected to each other.

Conquer campaigns
Instead of bending a general collaboration tool to meet your needs, you'll be using a solution specifically built to help marketers. From first brainstorm to campaign completion, Central Desktop empowers you at every step - reducing busywork with efficient scheduling and reporting, removing communication hiccups and ensuring creative control with asset management and electronic proofs.

Ignite ideas
Digital inspiration boards keep the creative juices flowing. By easily saving images found on your internet travels within your Central Desktop workspace, you'll be able to brainstorm with all of your campaign's stakeholders - including remote or freelance workers - while keeping your concepts private and secure.

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