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Central Desktop's collaboration platform is uniquely designed to respond to the needs of marketers and creative agencies. We've spent a lot of time listening to, learning from and working with leading marketing and agency execs, then focusing on product enhancements and innovations that directly address the daily demands of your team. We know you need a collaboration solution that delivers more than just abstract wins, so we've packed our collaboration solution with features that will make a tangible, headache-easing, cost-saving impact.

Tools that make your job easier
Centralize communication within your department while making it easier for colleagues - as well as freelancers, contractors, clients, vendors and other external partners - to work with you. Create tasks for your team, schedule meetings, host web conferences, leverage powerful and customizable databases and share your large media files. Manage the whole lifecycle of your campaign creation right within Central Desktop, from brainstorming initial ideas to automatically alerting execs to review final proofs for signoff. Central Desktop has enabled businesses to cut their software costs by up to 50% as they've stepped away from numerous niche products and embraced a single solution for all their collaboration needs.

Security you won't lose sleep over
Worried about snoops and saboteurs scheming to access your files? Central Desktop offers you full control over user permissions, letting you control exactly what's seen and who sees it - and we keep hackers at bay by using the same level of security and encryption as your bank.

User adoption tips and customer service that wins awards
Of course, any software solution is only as good as the people using it - and that's why we put a lot of emphasis on implementation and customization. We'll share best practices for user adoption and help you get your team on board smoothly. Don't expect to sign a contract and be left to the wolves (or crickets). And if you run into problems down the road - or simply want to share a product idea or request - our best-in-class customer service team will be ready to assist you.

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