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We turn email hell into work-together heaven

Ok, heaven's a bit of a stretch. Work will still be work, and people will still be people. But we're not exaggerating when we say we will change how your people work ... for the better.

We offer an alternative to email, IT-heavy SharePoint implementations and lightweight file-sharing sites. We connect your people, content and customers in the cloud, so everyone can get things done together. From one private, secure, centralized website.

This new way of working is called online collaboration, and it lets you:

  • Make everyone's stuff accessible from anywhere. Files, calendars, conversations, project plans ... all of it. Access the latest version of everything at work, from home and even on-the-go.
  • Speed up existing business processes. Automatically assign tasks, update databases, send email reminders and route documents for approval. Less routine busywork equals real productivity.
  • Knock down the (fire)walls between you, vendors and customers. Share and communicate as easily with third parties as you do with your in-house folks.

A real-life example: email vs. online collaboration

We help different types of teams work better together

We have different versions of our Central Desktop® online-collaboration platform, because we recognize that different types of teams have different ways of getting things done.

  • Marketers and creative agencies: Central Desktop for Marketing helps marketers manage the chaos of marketing execution work in one centralized environment. Share files, centralize communication, keep track of project work in real time, review and mark up creative assets, and streamline creative and operational processes, all in the cloud.
  • Teams and departments: Central Desktop for Teams + Departments helps business units work together across different offices and time zones, without requiring much help from IT. From one private, secure, centralized website you get integrated file sharing, project management, workflow automation and centralized communication - from any device.
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WD-40 saves time with Central Desktop's online document management solution. MLB Advanced Media improves organization with Central Desktop workflows.
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