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Make your small business mighty

You can't run with the big dogs if you're held back by tiny tools. Like email. USB sticks. Or barely there collaboration platforms that can only do the bare minimum.

Look, act and think like the big dog – and big deal – you really are. With Central Desktop® Professional. It's the perfect system for small businesses or for small departments within larger companies.

Central Desktop Professional takes the jumble of tools you already have and combines them into one online-collaboration platform that your entire team can access anytime, anywhere in the cloud.

No IT geeks. No up-front costs. And best of all, no small-business limitations.

Central Desktop Professional changes how you work

It's a subtle change, the kind you may not even notice at first. Until one day, it hits you.

Your email inbox is less overwhelming
That's because you and your team now have a dedicated place online to share files, discuss issues and manage projects in real-time. Without cc:ing all, without attaching files, without hitting send.

Your customers are saying that you're easy to work with
Maybe you now have automated work-order requests that let your customers place orders anytime, anywhere. Or maybe they like logging in to a central location and seeing what matters to them. Or maybe they just feel closer to you, because they have a better sense of what makes you tick.

Your projects are running on schedule
You're no longer in the dark about who's doing what, because it's all there in an at-a-glance Gantt chart or a quick-read status report. What's already done, what's on schedule and what's falling behind. Best of all, Central Desktop can do the nagging for you, by automatically assigning tasks and sending reminders.

You feel amazingly in-the-know about who is up to what
Without even trying, you're more clued in. You know the name of your coworker's new baby, which rep just won a big deal, how the new project is coming along and where the gang's hanging out next Friday.

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