We understand how people work.

When you implement an online collaboration system, you need to know what problems your intended users encounter in their day-to-day work with sharing information and working together on projects - including why they share and why they won't - and you need to make those problems better. This is what we do.

Central Desktop's Customer Experience team brings to you the knowledge and experience gained from helping half a million users worldwide collaborate in their businesses.

Here's how we can help.


FlightReady implementation strategy

A dedicated collaboration strategist will help you create and launch a successful rollout plan that includes people, processes and technology.

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Product support

You're only a call or a click away from a live support expert waiting to help you.

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Advisory services

Sometimes even an old pro at collaboration can use a little help to work out the kinks in your program and whip it into shape. Our collaboration experts have tackled some of the toughest problems you face, and many of them have walked in your shoes.

Business process + configuration review

A dedicated collaboration strategist will partner with you to:

  • Perform a thorough review of your current business processes
  • Identify each of the critical business functions where SocialBridge can provide the greatest value
  • Recommend specific configuration recommendations to ensure you are set up right - right from the start
User deployment + adoption strategy review

The number-one complaint about introducing new collaboration tools into a group or organization is that no one uses them. Central Desktop partners with you to develop a robust user adoption plan based on the proven techniques pioneered by collaboration strategist, Michael Sampson.

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Training services

One of Central Desktop's best and brightest will host a private, training session just for you and your team, whether large or small, so you learn what you need to learn at a time convenient to you. Join from multiple locations or make it a party and gather in a single location.

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Customization services

Your collaboration solution should have as much style and personality as you. Our team of experts will create design magic by re-working your style template to reinforce brand consistency and align with your corporate website, intranet or style guide.

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Peace-of-mind services

We'll deal with the administrative tasks for you. Central Desktop can perform these technical services to speed up your initial implementation:

  • User import
  • Tasks and milestones import
  • Mass update / reassignment / deletion of events, milestones and tasks
  • System import from an alternate collaboration system (gasp!)
  • Data backup (for workspaces greater than 2GB in size)
  • Data restoration
  • Account consolidation
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