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iMeet Central's webinars help you master the art and science of online collaboration as well as learn about Central Desktop features and functionality.

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The 9 Types of Collaborators webinar

Meet the 9 types of collaborators

Isaac Garcia, Jenn DePauw & Alan Bush
Meet the 9 Types of Collaborators – and learn real-life strategies for dealing with each one. Our panel describes each personality type in detail. What makes them tick, how they help or hurt collaboration, and how to win them over.

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Why Winging It Isn’t a Strategy

Why winging it isn’t a strategy

Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
Can you be successful without a plan for rolling out your collaboration initiative to users? Maybe. But it's going to cost more and take longer, and there's no guarantee your users will fully embrace it in the long run.

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Can Your Company Survive Without Connectedness?

Can your company survive without connectedness?

Oscar Berg, Tieto
Why is the social enterprise not the reality for most organizations? What’s holding you back? Learn how to drive organizational connectedness – from the bottom up or the top down.

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Stop Pushing, Get Your Team to Pull

Stop pushing, get your team to pull!

Dan Keldsen, Information Architected
Most collaboration deployments rely on luck, or a hope that buying the best will make for success. Unfortunately, that strategy won’t get you far. Learn how to design your implementation to solve actual business problems and to expedite daily work.

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How to Improve Relationships with External Collaboration

How to improve relationships with external collaboration

Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
How can you make external interactions more effective while providing better service to your clients? Learn how to leverage collaboration tools to improve productivity, deliver cost savings and foster continued client growth.

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Successful Strategies for Internal Collaboration

Successful strategies for internal collaboration

Isaac Garcia & David Coleman
Most people think only large enterprises need to collaborate internally, but SMBs share some of the same collaboration issues. Learn best practices for supporting remote teams and how to pick the right tools to support profitable collaboration.

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Effective, Confidential Collaboration with Third Parties

Effective, confidential collaboration with third parties

Michael Sampson, collaboration strategist
If your business handles confidential business data on a regular basis, learn how to securely share data and communicate with your team.

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